Molly’s back! Well, in June . . . but still!

OMG OMG OMG I can’t believe it!   I am so happy to be coming back to the Wax Shop June 16th!   And I invite you all to book now to reserve your spots with me for the summer. At the moment, Arianna is only pre-booking and accepting appointments up to four weeks out, [...]

Greetings and Salutations! September Newsletter…

Well, it’s been almost a month since my early (temporary, I hope!) retirement and I think I have officially lost my mind. Occasionally it will appear, but more often than not I think it wavers between sleep and energy-saving modes. And speaking of hard drives, anyone else ready to toss their computer/device out of the [...]

Shop still open, but Molly takes a break!

Friends! I’m done! I’m through! I’m outta here! Well, for the next ten months or so;) I have already spoken with many of you, but for those whom I have not, I have decided to stay at home with my kiddo for a bit to help him navigate 4th grade virtually. I’m excited about this, [...]

Newsletter: The Shop is now open, but with new policies and requirements – please read before your appointment!

Hello all! Warning: this is long. But VERY IMPORTANT. There is a lot to cover so please read, I beg you! Well, it has finally happened: we are open! Though I must be honest with you, there is still some anxiety. Nevertheless, it is our business to make you look and feel good! And we [...]

Molly’s Wax Shop opening May 22nd – Don’t forget your face mask!

Hey all. Again. Sorry for these intrusions… …but another update:   As most of you have heard, NC now has an extended stay-at-home order until May 8th. From that point, there will be a three phase process for opening businesses. As we are in an industry which relies strictly on close contact, and therefore cannot [...]

Closed for April

Hello all! Just a reminder that due to COVID-19 and by order of Wake County as well as the North Carolina State Board of Cosmetic Arts, Molly’s Wax Shop will be closed for the month of April. We are very saddened by this but we completely understand and the health of myself, Arianna, and the [...]

Yelp Praise Year after Year!

Molly’s Wax Shop continues to be one of the leading wax studios in Raleigh year after year. We are so proud of the little wax shop that could. And we can’t do it without you – thank you!!

Newsletter: The Flu, COVID-19, and other Contagious Bugs

Hello all! So…this newsletter is about what we’ve all been talking about: COVID 19, aka the Coronavirus. Given the recent developments of a case here in Wake County, with possibly more to come, it would be unwise not to take precautions, some gentle reminders, as well as assurances. So…we kindly ask, for the sake of [...]

May Newsletter – Service Price Increase effective June 1st, 2019

Happy happy! I hope everyone is loving the much anticipated warmer weather, blossoming blooms, and playtime porches and patios. Yay for spring! Speaking of change…it’s that time again to do what myself and most local business owners dread: a price increase. Many businesses increase prices every year and so far (for four years) we’ve been [...]

One of THE best waxing articles ever.

Especially when it seems like everyone wonders, “Why in the hell would you do that?” Well, here ya go…