Newsletter: The Shop is now open, but with new policies and requirements – please read before your appointment!

Hello all!

Warning: this is long. But VERY IMPORTANT. There is a lot to cover so please read, I beg you!

Well, it has finally happened: we are open!

Though I must be honest with you, there is still some anxiety. Nevertheless, it is our business to make you look and feel good! And we certainly need that these days, don’t we? And we will continue to be unwavering in our commitment to providing you a safe, clean, healthy and comfortable environment.

Having said that, there are new requirements and policies in place to make sure that the environment is the “new norm” kind of healthy. Per the NC Governor’s Executive Order and the NC State Board of Cosmetic Arts, the following list needs to be complied with or service will be denied. As for our end, we will continue to uphold the health and safety standards which are the norm for our industry and our shop regardless, but with extra detailed attention paid to the new requirements ensuring complete sanitation and disinfection practices before, during, and after each client visit. Neither you nor myself and Arianna wish to bring anything back home to our loved ones. Please be mindful. If you have any doubt, please stay home.

To comply with proper distancing mandates, for the rest of May and the entirety of June, Arianna and I have split the work week/schedule so that there is only one technician and one client at a time. I am Monday through Wednesday, Arianna is Thursday through Saturday. We are also putting a 15-minute window between clients so that there will be no overlap. Details below. Because we are now working at half-capacity, it will be more difficult to find an opening for service. Please be patient and keep checking back online for availability. And because of limited availability, missed appointments without 24-hour notice and no-shows will be charged full price. Once we get into the fall season, we may implement the half-capacity schedules and distancing once again, as well as the other COVID-19 prevention practices. We will keep you posted.

Also for the rest of May and all of June, there will be no facial waxing of any kind, as this would be too close for comfort to all your breathing holes;) Please do not ask or insist. This may be end up being indefinite but we will keep you posted. For now, let’s just shoot for July and August.


*FACE MASKS REQUIRED. You will be asked to reschedule otherwise.


*You must not have traveled 14 days prior to your appointment.

*You must be asymptomatic with no fever, and/or cough.

*You must not have had contact with a symptomatic person within 14 days of your appointment.

*If you work or visit inside an infected, at-risk, or immunity-compromised population, please refrain from coming in at this time.

*Upon your arrival, you will be asked these questions and to thoroughly wash your hands before your appointment.

*At checkout, you do not need to touch the screen (no signing is required), but we may (awkwardly) ask about tips which we will put in manually. Credit/debit cards are preferred, NO CASH, if possible.

Please time your appointments accordingly. These times are very specific along with the 15-minute gaps between clients to ensure proper distancing, so PLEASE BE ON TIME OR YOUR SERVICE MAY BE DENIED. If you are early, please wait in your car until your appointment time, as


STAY IN YOUR CAR! We will come and get you;)


*New appointments, cancellations and rescheduling are online only.

*No-shows are charged full price, no exceptions.

*Do not bring in children or a guest with you.

*Read the waxing page on the website prior to your visit.

You wonderful people, our clients/friends, we miss you very much and look forward to seeing your smiling faces, hairy lady parts, and helping you get your sass back. And I’m sorry for my strict tone but this is of the utmost importance that we follow these new policies; it is imperative that we have our “circle of trust” for all of this to work. We will do our part if you do yours. Thank you for your support, patience and understanding as we navigate this new norm.

Love and virtual hugs,

Molly and Arianna

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