Greetings and Salutations! September Newsletter…

Well, it’s been almost a month since my early (temporary, I hope!) retirement and I think I have officially lost my mind. Occasionally it will appear, but more often than not I think it wavers between sleep and energy-saving modes.

And speaking of hard drives, anyone else ready to toss their computer/device out of the window??

These kids and teachers have earned more respect from me in the last month than I could ever warrant in a lifetime. Parents/guardians? High-frickin’-fives all around. We will look back at these moments and think: my kids are amazing, I am amazing, and we will remember that freshman-fifteen isn’t just for college kids.

Oi vey.

Moving on…isn’t Arianna amazing?! Told you so. Of course, those of you who have been seeing her regularly, already know this. But for those of you used to seeing my goofy old-lady mug, I hope it is a refreshing change! But I miss you!! I was in the shop yesterday doing some business-y stuff and upon passing my treatment room I looked in and got a bit nostalgic. Not necessarily for the actual task of waxing – my body is thankful for the break – but you. I miss you! Anyway, thanks :)

So the schedule is now open for about three weeks out at a time, so if you need to make a new appointment or reschedule keep checking back through for availability as the system automatically updates for cancellations/reschedules. But once you have an appointment, the absolute BEST thing to do, however, is if you have an existing appointment, to pre-book your next appointment with Arianna during check-out. And the second absolute BEST thing to do is KEEP your appointment because finding other availability is very difficult. As much as we will do our best to accommodate, remember Arianna now has my previous 150+ clients a month looking for space, plus her existing clients who DO pre-book with her on a regular basis. So if you can’t keep your appointment, you may not be able to get back in for a while. I’m sorry!!

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