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Owner/Licensed Esthetician

I began my career in esthetics with a desire to light candles, play soft music, and rub people’s faces.  After several years of doing that I discovered I had another talent – ripping out unwanted body hair!  Not too many people can say they seek a career in things such as Brazilian waxing but perhaps it is because of that fact, that I love it. Not only do I take pride in my ability to make uncomfortable situations more bearable, I enjoy building on-going relationships with my clients to help instill that comfort and trust. For such intimate services,  I am touching a client’s body, and that’s extremely personal. I have respect for and am dedicated to that relationship and do what I can to protect it.

This goes for my life outside of work as well. My favorite thing to do is be a mom to my amazing and giggly kiddo, and my adorable and cuddly hounds Libra and Lola. We love to travel, do puzzles, enjoy nature, and make goofy faces. Without them my life would be incredibly boring. We like to eat, play, and love. Simply.

To all you crazy cats out there – salud!

And we look forward to seeing you at the Shop…




Arianna DeNardo, Licensed Esthetician

I’ve been an esthetician since 2010. I chose esthetics as a career because I wanted to help people feel pretty in their own skin; whether it be with makeup, skincare or waxing. While attending Aveda Institute I realized that a huge part of making people feel comfortable in their skin is by getting rid of unwanted body hair – to allow clients to see the beautiful skin underneath. While it may not be the most relaxing service you can have done, it does leave you with a nice, peaceful, easy feeling – that you are indeed, pretty in your own skin. Or at least that is what I try and aim for. Also to make something, which brings anxiety to many people’s minds, as comfortable and as pleasant as I possibly can, brings much satisfaction at the end of the day.

I moved to the Triangle from the coast, and while the area may not have the ocean which I hold near and dear to my heart, I have fallen in love with it. In my spare time I enjoy coffee, bike rides, and my adorable boxer, Kevin.

I look forward to meeting you and taking care of all your hair removal needs!



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