Newsletter: The Flu, COVID-19, and other Contagious Bugs

Hello all!

So…this newsletter is about what we’ve all been talking about: COVID 19, aka the Coronavirus.

Given the recent developments of a case here in Wake County, with possibly more to come, it would be unwise not to take precautions, some gentle reminders, as well as assurances.

So…we kindly ask, for the sake of myself and Arianna, but more importantly for clients who may have weakened immunity systems, respiratory or heart issues, if you have the flu (the usual or otherwise), flu-like symptoms, stomach bug or anything else contagious, or have been in contact with someone who is contagious, please stay home. Get some rest. Shaving one time is not the end of the world;)

Arianna and I will also give you the same respect. Just call our voicemail and let us know (the sooner the better) and there will be no cancellation fee at all. I also want to assure you all that we will continue to give you the highest quality of proper hygienic practices during your waxing, proper sanitation and disinfection of the environment that we always do.

Thank you!!

Keep calm and wash your hands ❤️
Molly and Arianna

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