Molly’s back! Well, in June . . . but still!

OMG OMG OMG I can’t believe it!


I am so happy to be coming back to the Wax Shop June 16th!


And I invite you all to book now to reserve your spots with me for the summer. At the moment, Arianna is only pre-booking and accepting appointments up to four weeks out, but for me, you may go ahead and book from June 16th through the end of August if you’d like, or at least make an appointment in June and I can pre-book you for each consecutive one at check-out.


If you have been seeing Arianna, first of all, thank you for your flexibility and openness with that – I told you she was amazing! Secondly, because of her amazingness, you may not be in any hurry to see me, and THAT’S OKAY! I give you permission to stay with her and I won’t be upset! And she will also be very understanding if you come back me. We understand how these things work; we understand human nature, and in the service biz one simply cannot take things personally. The whole point is we want you to feel comfortable with whomever you see. Now you have doubled your options and can see both of us – makes scheduling easier, too!


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a text at the shop number (919-480-1191) but as always, appointments, cancellations, and reschedules are best done online. And there is a waitlist now! The option to join will pop up if there is no availability for you and contact you by text when an appointment becomes available.


As for COVID-19 restrictions, they will still be in place for the time being, but most likely this summer, we’ll let you wait in the lounge rather than your car;) I’ll keep you posted! Arianna and I are both fully vaccinated, and though we won’t ask to see any vaccination cards, we hope to have your continued support and respect for adhering to all health and safety practices for yourselves and for others. You guys have been amazing so let’s keep it up – we are in this together!


A note on parking: starting in June when I am back at the shop, parking will once again become precious. The timing between client appointments will still be spaced out well enough to not cause any overlap, but it’s usually the case of non-clients parking there whom we don’t catch in time, or early clients, or the client/technician running late. So if you come to your appointment on time but still can’t find a place to park, all of Person St. within the business district has opened up many more 2-hour parking spaces on BOTH sides of Person St. so this will really help. Remember: if you come too too early there probably won’t be a space for you since the previous client will still be there. Especially in the busy busy summer. Thanks for your understanding and patience with parking;)


Well I think that’s it! For now, at least;) But wow, what a year, and I am so looking forward to catching up with each and everyone of you!! Girl power!


Hugs and cookies,


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