Yes, waxing hurts. So let’s talk about pain tolerance…

Waxing is not without its risks, nor without its pain. Your hair is being forcibly removed from your skin – this hurts. But you get used to it, and it’s always worse the first time. Why? Because that hair follicle’s root bulb is extremely thick, built up with years and years of amino acids, protein, and keratin. But each successive time is much easier. Why? Because the hair follicle is now only about a month’s worth of thickness. And the result is totally worth the thirty minutes of minimal discomfort which goes away immediately. If your pain tolerance is very low and you have high anxiety, waxing may not be for you. If your friends have had a great experience and tell you that it’s easy – great, that is wonderful news, but YOU have different hair and it MAY be a completely different experience. It may be as easy as their’s, it may not be. Each person’s hair is different. Each person’s skin is different. Each experience is different. Pain tolerance affects it, the length and texture of the hair affects it. It is affected by lifestyle, genetics, and the various levels of at-home maintenance. All of these things contribute to how well your hair comes out, how long it stays out, how painful or painless it is, and how your skin reacts to the waxing treatment afterwards.


Secondly, when you remove your hair, you are also removing one of the skin’s natural barriers. The hair shaft can provide a pathway for the oil, sweat, and other debris to escape the skin. Once you remove that hair, these things can get trapped inside the pore. Thus, you must take extra care to keep these pores cleaned out. I am not trying to deter you with this – waxing is still the most cost-effective, budget-friendly, and skin healthy way to safely remove hair. But it will take some time for you and your skin to get adjusted to it – you must be patient – and by understanding the principles of hair growth and hair removal, listening and adhering to the guidelines and protocols established by your expert esthetician :) you will absolutely have the best, most sassiest skin you’re in.

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