New Year’s Resolution: Shave Less, Wax More!

Welcome 2014 and Happy New Year all!

The first full work week for most people begins on Monday yet January is when work slows down for me. On these cold, cold days apparently some folks need the extra layer of hair to keep them warm warm.
But I say nay! Shed the hair, and buy an extra pair of undies or long-johns! Besides (and this is a very big besides) the sooner you start your body/bikini waxing (i.e. now) the more prepared you will be by the time spring comes around in a few short months.
Because remember: hair grows in three cycles, and it can take up to three waxing sessions (once/month) for the hair to all grow out together, thus, be waxed out all together, thus extending the life of your smooth, hair-free skin. Et voile!

To schedule please use the SCHEDULE button at the top of each page or through Facebook.
Hair today, gone tomorrow I always say!

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