Shop still open, but Molly takes a break!

Friends! I’m done! I’m through! I’m outta here!

Well, for the next ten months or so;)

I have already spoken with many of you, but for those whom I have not, I have decided to stay at home with my kiddo for a bit to help him navigate 4th grade virtually. I’m excited about this, but will miss you all terribly! My sisterhood! My community!

But the shop will still be open! Thanks to waxing guru, Arianna, and the continued support of you guys. Your patience with openings, closings, cancellations, rescheduling, and now asking many of you to take a new trust-fall all over again with someone new. But Arianna isn’t new to waxing! She has been with me since practically the beginning and I couldn’t do it without her. She is super chill, makes you feel very comfortable and at ease, a good friend and listener, and a complete and utter dog person. She will take care of you ;)

No I’m not crying, you’re crying!

Now on to practical matters…

Since there will be only one waxer, and with appropriate distancing between client appointment times, availability is very limited and it may be tough to get a new appointment or reschedule. I have opened up online scheduling (for up to three weeks out) but you may have to check back more than usual for spaces to become available. If you need to cancel outright, you’re certainly welcome to do that online. If all else fails, feel free to call/text the shop directly (or myself or Arianna if previously discussed) and we’ll respond via phone or text as soon as we can. But please understand that because of the very limited schedule, we simply may not be able to get you in in a timely manner and we ask for your patience. Arianna would love to be able to see all of you because that’s the kind of awesome person she is, but she needs to be able to get home once in a while to feed the dogs and kiss the hubby;)

Her hours:

Tuesday, Wednesday 9:15-1:30

Thursday, Friday 9:15-4:30

Saturday 9-2:45

By the way, the shop is on both Instagram and Facebook, so please follow us for last minute openings! Also, for cute pictures of funny cats doing funny things.

Friends, we also appreciate your continued support and adherence to our COVID-19 prevention policies and protocols, and pre-screening concerns, as we will continue to provide you with a clean, safe and comfortable service experience that you can trust. And anything we ask of you, we do ourselves. We are committed to this. And you!!

I will be back in the shop raring to go for the next summer season, but until then, given our limited availability, we understand if you have to find another waxer (there are some great ones out there) but make sure they use hard wax and really care about you and your skin. On Molly’s Wax Shop website I’ve created several blogs over the years addressing various topics of skin concerns: shaving vs. waxing, waxing on your period, waxing while pregnant, feminism and waxing, ingrown hairs, the weather, all things! Check it out!

I will miss you, our conversations, and the vast amount of humor, knowledge, experiences and resources you provide. Take care, cool cats, good luck moms (we AND the kids got this!), and see you next summer! ❤️❤️❤️

And thank you!!


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