Tea tree for what ails you.

Tea tree oil has long been known for its natural antiseptic properties in fighting off those pesky bacteria which cause infection and irritation. But did you know it is also a wonderful astringent as well? As an astringent, tea tree oil helps to absorb excess bad oils and moisture in your skin, and tightens the pores to prevent future oils from clogging the pores which can cause breakouts and those lovely ingrown hairs. Before and after every waxing treatment at the Shop, tea tree oil is used and I highly recommend you use the same for your daily at-home care. Because straight tea tree oil alone is too concentrated, thus too harsh , for the skin the tea tree oil provided for you here at the Shop comes blended with grapefruit oil in a professionally formulated medicated pad which is easy and convenient to use. Just a few swipes across freshly cleaned and dry skin and you’re good for the rest of the day!


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