Molly’s Wax Shop opening May 22nd – Don’t forget your face mask!

Hey all. Again. Sorry for these intrusions…

…but another update:


As most of you have heard, NC now has an extended stay-at-home order until May 8th. From that point, there will be a three phase process for opening businesses. As we are in an industry which relies strictly on close contact, and therefore cannot maintain 6ft. social distancing in order to do our job, we will be on the second phase of the re-opening which at this point looks like May 22nd.


And honestly, we couldn’t agree more. To also help, Arianna and I have decided to do our own staggered entry. Meaning there will be only one client in the shop at a time, one technician at a time. Arianna and I will split the week; I will work Monday through Wednesday, Arianna will work Thursday through Saturday. We will put 15 minutes between clients. But please don’t be super early as that will defeat the purpose. Silver lining: this should make parking a lot easier! We will have this schedule for the rest of May and all of June. We will hopefully return to our regularly scheduled programming in July.

For those appointments in May and June, please go online to make sure you have the right days for either myself or Arianna and reschedule (again!) if you need – the calendar has already been adjusted for the new days and the 15 minute gaps.

And another bit of bad news: at this time we feel it would be unwise to do facial waxing. This includes brow waxing, lip and chin waxing. We wouldn’t want to have anyone take off their masks, but touching faces at this time also, leaves us a little bit hesitant. I am truly sorry. As of now, we will resume facial waxing (still only for existing brow clients) July 1st. So if you have an existing appointment for May or June, please reschedule beginning in July.


We look sooooo forward to seeing you – finally!! And don’t forget your face masks. I hear they’ve gotten very stylish and trendy these days;)


I know I sound like a broken record but I can’t express how much I appreciate you all’s patience, support, and understanding. Especially the patience. I’ve asked you so many times to reschedule and thank you for bearing with us through this insane time.

Peace and love,

Molly and Arianna

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