Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

Hello and happy June! I hope everyone has been enjoying the summer and surviving the near one-thousand degree days we’ve been having. Ok, it’s not been that bad, actually, and I’m sure we’ll be complaining soon enough about how cold it is, but for the moment, my whining seems to help me feel better! At any rate, the gallons of rain (and more to come!) have been helpful in cooling things down, now if we could just get something done about the mosquitoes. Fun fact: rosemary keeps those pesky insects away, so plant a bush!

And speaking of bush…oh no, she didn’t. Oh yes she did! This is also your friendly reminder that it may be time for some of you to have a little yard maintenance. Whether it’s a brow wax, leg wax, underarm, or bikini wax, chances are you’re letting the hair get too long. And if you do let it grow too long it will just be that much more painful by your next wax. The key to stress-less waxing is consistency, consistency, consistency. Four to six weeks, all year long. And don’t be surprised if in several years after your follicles have become weaker and weaker, that your hair is now half of what it used to be. You will also have much longer periods between regrowth. It really is worth it.

What’s the word of the day? Consistency :)

Thank you all so much for continuing to put your faith in me for one of most unpleasant bits of your monthly beauty routine. Also thanks for the referrals and keeping business local – you guys are great!

And if one of the reasons for your overgrowth has anything to do with lack of availability (sorry!), send an email to with your preferred service(s) and time(s) and I’ll happily put your name on the wait list.

Best wishes and happy waxing!

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