Shop Talk: Raleigh News and Observer

Well, chief, we did it. Who’s Chief? I don’t know but it sounds dramatic. Anyway, I did it! I made it to Big Leagues, boys! Oh there I go again. Anyway, it’s nice to be recognized for your achievements…    

Interview: Raleigh is

Well here it is: my first press junket! And apparently I’m cool! Such validation! I’d like to thank the academy. And of course Cleopatra. She did, after all, aid in bringing hair removal into popular culture. And well, you know Egyptians and their big cats…meow “If you want the best waxing experience in town, check [...]

Holiday cheer, vacations, and fire

  Brrr it’s cold out there! Well, the nighttime anyway (What’s up with the 70 degrees in December??) But that is not an excuse to keep your hair jacket on. Do not use your fuzz as warmth – get a thermal for crying out loud!   Happy December to you! I hope Thanksgiving went well [...]

Happy Halloween!! Is that a waxing moon I see?

Wishing you all a great night of treats and trickery! Remember to watch out for all the scary kitties on the streets of Raleigh tonight! Clearly they didn’t get to the wax shop on time