Pregnancy Waxing

What? You’re joking, right? Pregnant women get waxed? As if carrying around a pumpkin sized jumping bean, peeing every five minutes, and frequent flatulence isn’t torture enough, you want to add ripping hair out of my vagina to the mix? Well, like frequent flatulence, waxing during pregnancy is rarely, if ever, talked about. SOO unladylike, heaven forbid.

Well I’m here to set the record straight: yes, women get waxed during pregnancy! It is perfectly healthy. And it is normal for you to want to be prepared for the big day. It’s like even though doctors and nurses see twenty times more god-awful things than our unkempt lady business we still feel the need to pretty it up for them. It’s like we feel guilty that they have to see us being so unladylike that it’s the least we can do for them. Perhaps it’s also because our pregnant bodies at times make us feel so fat and disgusting that removing our pubic hair will somehow increase our sexy factor. Maybe you just want to actually SEE your baby crowning without having to visually filter through a tangled nightmare of hair. Or perhaps you’ll be taping the birth of your little bean and just want to be ready for that special Kodak moment!

At any rate, whatever your reason for wanting to spruce up the garden, it is perfectly understandable. But if you are used to shaving, there will be a point where you just simply cannot even SEE your lady parts, let alone shave them. But if you let someone else do it, i.e., a licensed esthetician, you won’t need to be bothered with it  and your hair will be gone for weeks, not just days, like shaving. But one thing: if you do get waxed down there, whether it’s a basic bikini wax, a Brazilian wax, or anything in between, don’t wait until the week before your due date to get your first wax. You’re much more sensitive during pregnancy (in more ways than one!) and the earlier you get started with your waxing, the easier it will be in the long run; for your skin, the amount of time the hair stays gone, and most importantly: your anxiety level.

And this: Lord knows when you’re going to have as much opportunity for self-care as you did pre-pregnancy. After your beautiful bean makes his or her first big jump into the world, it’ll be all you can do to even want to look at your vagina again. But you’ll do it, and it will be with newfound respect. But I’ve said too much! You’ll learn in due time (pun intended).

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