Shaving: The Painful Truth

Ok, you’re in your bikini, shorts, skirt, whatever, and you’re ready to strut your stuff, because you KNOW you look good. You sit down in a pose which is sure to attract a number of fine folks and you look down at your legs for one final check and aack!! what are those red bumps?? aack!! and those tiny black spots??

I told you. You shoulda waxed. Those tiny little red bumps come from your skin being really irritated that it had a sharp ragged razor pulled across it, and now it’s going to punish you by taking forever to heal. The tiny little red bumps you get from waxing are the raised hair follicles that have just been pulled up which go go back down after a couple of hours to a day. And the tiny black dots? Well, of course, that’s your hair already showing because shaving only cuts the hair at the surface. Waxing pulls the entire hair out at its root. This can give you up to four weeks for new hair to be regenerated, leaving your skin smooth and red-bump, black-spot free for a the length of several great vacations.

So if you are going to get yourself tortured with hair removal at least let it be worth it. You go through all the trouble of making yourself beautiful just to have your work destroyed by torn up skin and lousy timing. With waxing you will be prepared for anything. With waxing, your skin will look and feel beautiful, longer.

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