***** “I had booked an appointment a few months back, and then chickened out and cancelled it 2 days before I was supposed to go.  I wanted my hair gone, but the thought of someone covering you in wax and then ripping it all out is, well, scary.  I wasn’t nervous about the pain or anything specific, I was just nervous.
But, I finally resolved to make another appointment and stuck with it.  I was very happy and Molly made getting all of your hair ripped out of your body about as pleasant of an experience as possible.
So many wonderful things about this place…
1.  Online appointment booking (And very easy to use)
2.  Tiny little place with one room for waxing, so the whole time is all about your appointment
3.  Molly is charming, funny, nice, very chill
4.  Very close to my house!!
5.  Pricing comparable with other places in the area
Yay Molly!”        Yelp :: Natasha C., Raleigh, NC

***** “It is super easy to book an appointment, as you can do it all online. Also, her website is setup to answer a lot, if not all your questions. There is nothing worse than looking for information and going to a website that either doesn’t exist (didn’t renew their url) or they just don’t give a lot of information. Molly describes all the procedures she does so you aren’t going in thinking one thing and end up getting another.
Upon meeting Molly, I was immediately put at ease. And let me just say I was nervous. After not really clicking with my first place, I swore I would probably have to fly to Atlanta to get waxed. But she was friendly and I instantly felt like I was dealing with an old friend.
Her place isn’t huge, as it’s just her working but it’s warm and inviting. I didn’t feel like I was going to the doctor’s and their are homey touches all around, And even though she is in a building with a restaurant below and other business around it is always pretty quiet.
Now for the good stuff! I hated having to bad mouth my previous experience but I did mainly because I wanted Molly to be sure she understood what I was looking for and understand she did. She does a THOROUGH waxing job. I was so thrilled with the outcome I thought I might cry. Or hug her. I did neither but really wanted to. She is also quick and talks with you enough so that you are comfortable and not even really thinking about what she is doing.
It looks like I have found my Raleigh go-to wax gal and I am so very glad. If she ever adds additional services to her repertoire (facials, etc) I will be the first in line for sure!
P.S. I get the full Brazilan, so you know I am not playing around when I review a waxing session.”             Yelp :: Melisa S., Raleigh, NC

***** “I was quite a bit nervous before my appointment, but my nerves actually flew away even before the procedure started. I’m not gonna lie and say that it didn’t hurt, but the pain was definitely tolerable. Pretty much the best you can hope for in this department! Molly has a very calming, comforting presence and is just very good at what she does. After my appointment was completed, I booked my next appointment for one month later. Easy online booking system + great aesthetician made for a 5 star experience all around!”               Yelp :: Natasha W., Raleigh, NC

***** “Molly is fabulous, I have very sensitive skin and she has very good techniques. I’ve had many bad experiences in Raleigh, it’s great to have someone I can trust to always do a great job! Bye bye redness and irritation…my skin has never looked better!”        Yelp :: Sarah S., Raleigh, NC

***** “Molly’s Wax Shop is a great place to go get primped and preened, especially during the summer! Molly is extremely good at what she does, and she’s less painful than some places I’ve been! She’s professional and also super nice and fun to talk to. She gives great tips for skin prep and care before and after waxing.”            Google :: Katie V., Raleigh, NC

***** “Molly is incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. I’ve been converted. Even as someone who gets waxed regularly, it’s still a bit nerve wracking, but she totally set my mind at ease. It was one of the best waxes I’ve received and I am recommending her to everyone!”          Yelp :: Alison B., Raleigh, NC

***** “Molly is absolutely amazing! I was scared out of my mind the first couple times I went in to get my underarms waxed, but she tries to make it harmless and almost painless! I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my waxing! My skin stays smooth for weeks now and there’s no more redness or ingrown hairs. She also did my fiancee’s eyebrows and they were amazing!
I’m getting prepped for my wedding next fall, so we’ve talked about my skincare regimen to follow until the big day and she’s more than willing to help and give me advice. The frequent waxer cards are great, too! For every 5 of the same service you get, the 6th one is free, so it makes it a tad less painful (in the wallet).
Just follow the pre- and post-waxing instructions on her website and that will help, too!”            Yelp :: Tina K., Oak Harbor, WA

***** “Molly is the best Aesthetician I have encountered. I use her services exclusively and would (in fact, have) highly recommend her to others. There is no better service in the area. I currently drive 30 minutes to see her and would double that, if I had to. The quality of her work is top-notch and she is personable to boot! I have been regularly using the services of an Aesthetician since 2000 and have seen Molly since 2008. You won’t be sorry. Great facial and the best, most attentive wax ever!”           Yelp :: Zavi B., Durham, NC

***** “Molly is a fantastic esthetician! I regularly saw her for waxing and facials, and she was reliable, personable, and very pleasant to work with. I highly recommend her.”             Linked In :: Lauren W., Chapel Hill,NC

***** “Simply the best!!. Molly is such an awesome aesthetician! I have been seeing her since 2007 for my eyebrow waxes, and whenever I have tried someone else, I am reminded of why Molly is just so fantastic!! She is the only person I have found who can really tame my curly, unruly brows, and is so knowledgeable about the industry. Plus, she’s so easy to talk to and we have had such fun conversations! I am driving 30 minutes out of Chapel Hill just to see her now that she has moved. Love her! :) ”           Citysearch :: nadi1010, Chapel Hill, NC

***** “Molly Rocks!. I’d have to agree with nadi1010′s comments: it’s worth it to stick with an aesthetician who gets it and does a consistently excellent job. Once — and I mean, ONCE — strayed and had my eyebrows done on the cheap at some kind of mall kiosk instead of with Molly. I was in absolute desperation, because I hadn’t been religious about scheduling regular appointments with Molly to keep what I call “the zoo on my face” in check, and then all of a sudden I had an event to go to and I looked like Grizzly Adams. Molly was booked, so I took the risk and went rogue on the cheap with someone else. Need I say more? I was painfully reminded of what made Molly so gifted and I had to wear a lesser beautician’s “handiwork” on my face, along with a nice rash to go with it. I’ve learned my lesson and won’t stray again!”         Citysearch :: FinnKitten, Durham, NC

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