Book with Arianna and receive 10% off!

Please welcome Arianna to the Shop by putting your trust in this esthetically gifted waxer. She knows her stuff and is real nice, too! Schedule online with her and receive 10% off your selected service or combo (already discounted on menu). Thanks for checking out the Wax Shop!  

Please welcome Arianna to the Shop…

Did someone say NEW WAXER? Oh yes, that was me, I said it. And I’ll say it again: Molly’s Wax Shop is pleased to introduce Arianna DeNardo, Aveda trained, artist inspired. She has a background in make-up artistry, and an obsessive-like compulsion to get out Every.Single.Hair. And yet is somehow able to keep a very [...]

Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

Hello and happy June! I hope everyone has been enjoying the summer and surviving the near one-thousand degree days we’ve been having. Ok, it’s not been that bad, actually, and I’m sure we’ll be complaining soon enough about how cold it is, but for the moment, my whining seems to help me feel better! At [...]

Combo packages include discount!

Combine 3 or more BODY services together and receive 10% off the entire package*.   Check Schedulicity (the red scheduling link on each page) for pre-made combo packages or if none of those fit your needs, then create your own! Just send an email to and let me know the three BODY services you [...]

Wait List

If stalking Schedulicity for cancellations and spaces to open up isn’t happening for you, try my WAIT LIST! Just send me an email at with your preferred service(s) and preferred time(s) and I’ll contact you should anything open up. Thanks!

To loofah or not to loofah?

To loofah or not to loofah? Well… “Bacterium is attracted to moisture and loves to grow in the nook and crannies of a loofah,” say several doctors and other smart people. So there’s that. Personally I think I’ll stick with my sugar scrub in my hands to do the exfoliating for me… For more gross [...]

Tea tree for what ails you.

Tea tree oil has long been known for its natural antiseptic properties in fighting off those pesky bacteria which cause infection and irritation. But did you know it is also a wonderful astringent as well? As an astringent, tea tree oil helps to absorb excess bad oils and moisture in your skin, and tightens the [...]

And now: The Sugar Scrub!

So excited to announce a new arrival to the Shop: The Sugar Scrub from Urban City Organics. Handmade, artisan-crafted with ingredients so natural you can eat every one of them! *Turbinado Sugar makes a wonderful, gentle scrub for the face and body. This sugar retains the mineral and vitamins of sugarcane which includes phosphorus, calcium, [...]

New Year’s Resolution: Shave Less, Wax More!

Welcome 2014 and Happy New Year all! The first full work week for most people begins on Monday yet January is when work slows down for me. On these cold, cold days apparently some folks need the extra layer of hair to keep them warm warm. But I say nay! Shed the hair, and buy [...]


If you are having trouble navigating my services on Schedulicity, you are not alone. When you are on the SERVICES page you may see a strange symbol of a black triangle with an exclamation point in the middle. When you click on that service, a message comes up which reads: “This service is temporarily unavailable. [...]