Summer Appointments and Parking

Hi all!


Because Arianna and I are in the midst of super-busy season, thus with oftentimes back-to-back appointments, the timing of those appointments becomes crucial to the overall flow and quality of service. This, in turn, affects parking. We only have two dedicated parking spaces, and if we or clients are running late, or if a client is too early, this causes parking issues for the next client trying to come in for their appointment.


So we ask that everyone (including both myself and Arianna) does their best with keeping this flow going smoothly by being on time and not coming in super early as this takes away a parking space from the client before you. If you do find yourself way early, please park elsewhere until your scheduled time. If you’re only a slight bit early or right on time (thank you!!), but the spaces are filled, you can always hang back a few minutes to wait for the previous client to leave. We’ll probably see you from the window and will totally understand ;)




Great question! I know it can be extremely frustrating – even Arianna and I have to scour the streets to find places to park before our work day. But we are downtown, in a district that is growing by leaps and bounds, with more and more people visiting our cute little neck of the woods. So parking becomes a premium, just like any urban area, and as such, one may need to park a bit farther away or on side streets. Or take a chance that you won’t get towed during a small 15/20 minute appointment. I won’t tell anyone :)


Reminder: You may not park in the spaces directly to the left or right of us – not even for a moment – they have dedicated clients of their own and I wish to respect that. The only exception to this is for Townes’ Drapery store when they are closed: Fridays after one or on weekends.



Oh and one more thing (sorry, I know it’s too long already!), please take into account the ridiculous amount of construction that has been going on, and will continue to go on for several years, which may affect your traffic pattern getting to the Wax Shop. As much as we love our neighborhood – it’s not the easiest area of town to get to. So give yourself a few extra minutes, as well as for lunchtime traffic/parking.


Thank you so much, truly, for your trust, patience, understanding, and flexibility. As silly and as cliche as this sounds, YOU are the priority. We love what we do for you. Much love to the ladies. Rock on.


Only love,

Molly and Arianna: Team Awesome

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