Holiday cheer, vacations, and fire


Brrr it’s cold out there! Well, the nighttime anyway (What’s up with the 70 degrees in December??) But that is not an excuse to keep your hair jacket on. Do not use your fuzz as warmth – get a thermal for crying out loud!


Happy December to you! I hope Thanksgiving went well and that tummies are recovering. I ate entirely too much pumpkin pie, but I just can’t seem to get enough of it. Fortunately, pumpkin pie is good all winter! Bring on the gourds!


A couple of things this month:


*If you’re needing some waxing fun, make sure you book sooner rather than later. Appointment spaces are filling up quickly due to the vast amount of primping and preening needed for holiday parties, winter vacations, and of course, everyone wants to look good for Santa. Come on, admit it, you totally want to shake that bowl full of jelly.


*Due to Fire Safety regulations, I had to remove my bench and fluffy pillows from the hallway where clients could wait. I apologize for the seeming rudeness of you now having to stand and wait. Hopefully I have included enough time between clients to eliminate this inconvenience and will do my best to keep your wait as short as possible. Sorry and thanks for understanding!


*And lastly, I may or may not have a holiday goodie for you as a thanks for visiting Molly’s Wax Shop. Ok, ok, I do! I can’t keep a secret. And it may or may not have something to do with wax. And fire. Oh, and it smells pretty, too!


Thanks, everyone, for your continued support and awesomeness.

Candy cane wishes and eggnog dreams,




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