March Newsletter – exfoliating, pre-booking, and green beer

So I think spring is coming at some point? I feel I am being teased. A little seasonal foreplay, if you will. Oh, Mother Nature, you are being very naughty. 

But fear not! It is coming, and many of you have started preparing. And because your skin will be shown off a lot more in the coming months, I want to send a friendly reminder that waxing is not enough – you must continue with your exfoliating routine (even when there are no visible trouble spots – prevention is also important!) Whether you come in for a little eyebrow shaping, an underarm wax, or any style of fun-filled bikini waxes, you are exposing your skin to trauma (what?? waxing feels GREAT!) so you must take care to treat it with TLC before, after, and during your wax visits.
SO please remember to exfoliate:
**Daily: 2%BHA (salicylic acid)
This penetrates into the pores and cleans all the gunk out (oils and dirt).
**2x/week in shower or bath: salt scrub (for dry, coarse, or acneic skin), or a sugar scrub (for overly sensitive, or thin skin).
This keeps the surface of the skin free of dead, flaky skin cells (yuck!), which helps the BHA do it’s magic, which in turn helps the hairs and oil break free of the surface, leaving skin soft and clear. E voile! 

I also want to remind everyone that this is the beginning of my busy season here at the Shop. Yay for me, but not so great if you are waiting until the last minute to book your appointment. A fifteen minute brow wax may not be so tough, but bikini waxing, body waxing, or packages may be a little trickier. So if you can (and I understand it’s not always possible), either pre-book with me before you leave your next appointment (and you can always tweak it later if you need to), or schedule online at least a week in advance to ensure you keep the risk of a shaving temptation at bay. And remember to schedule each appointment separately as the times are very specific to the appointments and don’t allow for “squeezing in”.
Oh, and how can I forget? St. Patty’s day is just around the corner! So get out, enjoy the festivities (Raleigh has an awesome parade!), drink green beer, enjoy a little clover-hunting, and may the luck o’ the Irish keep those pesky snakes away…Erin go Bragh!
Thank you all so much and stay sassy!
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