If you are having trouble navigating my services on Schedulicity, you are not alone. When you are on the SERVICES page you may see a strange symbol of a black triangle with an exclamation point in the middle. When you click on that service, a message comes up which reads: “This service is temporarily unavailable. [...]

The Shop wants you! Now hiring an amazing esthetician…

Molly’s Wax Shop is seeking a licensed esthetician who LOVES waxing! No facials, no make-up, only waxing (females only). You must show a proficiency in ALL waxing techniques including hard wax experience, from brows to Brazilians, though supplemental training will be provided and required. You must possess amazing client service, a positive and supportive bedside [...]

August Newsletter

I hope everyone is having a wonderfully shaped, trimmed, and hair-free summer! It has been VERY busy here at the Shop as those of you who’ve been trying to get a last-minute appointment with me are aware of. Even not-so-last-minute appointments are kinda tough. Well I just wanted to let you know that I hate [...]

Giving back in June: INTERACT

Next month (June) marks a milestone: My one-year anniversary of opening Molly’s Wax Shop!! Woohoo! And I couldn’t be happier with the amount of support, business, and hairy bodies that have come through my door. Thank you all!!! And as a show of appreciation, for the entire month of June I’d like to give you a [...]

Coming soon: Interview with Sarah S. of Raleigh is Cool!

Stay tuned for an interview with the lovely Sarah Styron from the local blog, Raleigh is Cool! Yippee! My fifteen minutes!         

May Newsletter – scheduling, discounts, and anniversaries

Will this rain never end? Well I suppose I should be thankful: all the pollen appears to have been washed away and perhaps mosquito (nests?) are flooded. Vile creatures. Also the delay of warmer weather and sunshine has given folks longer time to let those pesky body hairs grow out for a fresh waxing! Woohoo! [...]

Helping you to help yourself…

By now, more and more women are realizing the benefits of waxing over shaving: much less irritation to the skin, less redness, fewer bumps, fewer (if any) ingrown hairs, and of course, the hair stays gone much longer. HOWEVER, none of this will occur if you think there is nothing on your end that needs [...]

April Newsletter – lying rodents, wait lists, and scrubs

I hope everyone is just as angry with that groundhog as I am. I think Punxsutawney Phil should seriously reconsider his career choice. Well, at any rate, the warm weather IS coming I am led to believe, so I’ll keep my head up and my Neti Pot handy!   This year has started off very [...]

Waxing causes entomological extinction!

  According to some, my profession is responsible for the extinction of well, er, pubic lice. And this is a bad thing? Maybe if you’re an entomologist. Stephen Messenger of writes, that in a report from Bloomberg News, “a rise in the number of bikini or Brazilian waxes and “manscaping” means that around 80 percent of [...]

March Newsletter – exfoliating, pre-booking, and green beer

So I think spring is coming at some point? I feel I am being teased. A little seasonal foreplay, if you will. Oh, Mother Nature, you are being very naughty.  But fear not! It is coming, and many of you have started preparing. And because your skin will be shown off a lot more in [...]