New location – March 10th!


Just your friendly neighborhood reminder that if your appointment is on or after MARCH 10, please come to the new shop at:

715 N. Person St. of Raleigh (close to downtown)

Google map

Coming from Peace St. (headed downtown just after crossing Blount St.) turn left at the famous and delicious Krispy Kreme, and we are in a little group of shops just past The Station Pub and Grill on the left - look for the green awning!

Designated parking is directly in front of the shop and on the street and side roads, though after five you can park anywhere out front (except Nicole’s Gallery - she teaches nightly art classes) as the other shops are closed and are happy to share.

*Directions note: Person Street is ONE-WAY

*Appointment note: any appointments after dark, you must ring the bell and one of our lovely estheticians will let you in. Did I make estheticians plural? Why yes I did! In addition to myself and Arianna, Carly from Synergy Spa will be joining the Wax Shop in March as we prepare for summer fun! Stay tuned for more about Carly…

Speaking of the Amazing Arianna, beginning in February when the new space opens, her evening hours will change from 5-8 to 4-7. Now that we are a storefront with more public visibility, we feel this is more appropriate for the sake of Arianna’s comfort as well as the clients’. If you were a client of Arianna’s after 7pm, we will do our best to accommodate this change – within the new time frame - and greatly appreciate your understanding.

And though we will have a much larger space, as well as a separate waiting room, we still cannot permit children in the Shop due to industry regulations, and for their health and safety. Again, I thank you for your understanding!

I can’t wait for all of you to see the new space. It’s just beautiful. I hope you like Jasmine Tea. I hope you like cucumber water. And I REALLY hope you like purple. There’s a LOT of it…

Much thanks helping me get here…

Onward and upward!


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