September Newsletter: Don’t forget me! and you! Fall/Winter Maintenance Packages

September is here! Which means we are just that much closer to the cooler days of autumn, which I, for one, am looking forward to: the red, orange, and golden leaves lining the roads, fires burning in the hearth, crock pot aromas of nutmeg and spice…mmm. 
The one thing I am NOT looking forward to, however, is losing you. September tends to be the month when things start winding down for families – school starts, pools close, vacations are minimal. And for many people, as the weather gets cooler, more clothes get worn. The motivation to keep oneself groomed and hairless gets weaker and weaker. 
Well, to help keep you motivated and inspired, I want to let you know three things: 
1) This month, I will introduce a Fall/Winter Maintenance package. This will be a series of any six waxing treatments (once a month, September through February) for a discounted rate of $5 off per wax.  
2) You shouldn’t be waxing just for swimming pools or vacations anyway.You should be doing this for yourself. Because it’s convenient. Because you feel clean. Because you feel sassy. Because you look good and feel good. And feeling good can be tough during the long winter months, so anything you can do to lighten the load…consider it therapy, and a whole lot cheaper :)
3) If you DO wait until next season to get waxed again, it’ll be like starting all over again. You’ll have that ‘first time’ pain again, and you’ll have to deal once more with waiting three waxing treatments until the hair gets on the same growth cycle. If you’d been consistent throughout the winter months, by summer, your hair is staying gone longer, it is a much finer regrowth, and your skin looks amazing. On the other hand if you shave during the winter your skin will once again look like it’s been pulled through a shredder. And after all my nice work…
So I don’t mean to be blunt, but please, take care of yourself. For you. And for me – I get lonely here in the shop and I will miss you :)
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