Waxing is NOT LIKE the “40 Year Old Virgin”!

If you are a man, and you have a hairy back, getting that hair removed by such seemingly barbaric means as the one depicted in the 40-Year Old Virgin does not at all seem like something one would do voluntarily. But unless you have the hair suit of Steve Carrell or agliophobia, in reality, your waxing experience can be much less traumatic for you. One that is not sensationalized for the sake of the camera. Also, a properly trained esthetician would prep the skin first and understand the basic technique of placing the hand directly upon the skin after you pull the wax in order to slow down and stop the pressure on the pain receptors and nerve endings. Aah, the healing power of touch. Proper breathing techniques could have been employed. Inhale with the wax on, exhale when the wax is pulled. Channel your inner Karate Kid – wax on, wax off. You get it. Inhale. Exhale. Very easy. And I mean no offense to the film’s esthetician. I have no doubt that they edited the antiseptic cleansing and the soothing after oils, but it still makes my job harder when trying to get people to understand that ANY waxing, not just back, but a leg, underarm, bikini wax, etc., is actually MUCH MORE bearable than the movie depicts.

So guys, when you think of how amazing it would be to have the smooth back and shoulders that you secretly desire and your partners want but are too kind to tell you, don’t be taken in by the drama of the movies. And I know I’ve been talking of mens’ back waxes, but gals, when you think of how awesome it would be to not have to shave EVERY SINGLE DAY or every other day, the same applies. Wherever you go, if you make sure your service is performed by a trained, LICENSED esthetician, your waxing experience will be all the better for it. And your skin will thank you.

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