Sweat + Waxing = :(

Recently, I have seen several clients who have started getting new ingrowns or break-outs in the bikini area where none existed before. These also happen to be very physically active clients. And what do all physically active clients have in common? Sweat! So the great thing about summer coming, is well, summer’s coming, but it also brings with it humidity, and well, people are outside more and sweating more. Waxing and sweat are not pals. Sweat can cause irritation to the skin by bringing up dirt and debris to the surface of the skin, causing new irritation and prevent healing or making worse existing irritation. ALSO (as if that wasn’t bad enough), the irritation is further prolonged and worsened by the underwear or tight clothing often associated with work-outs and other forms of exercise.


Solution: stop exercising, or doing anything active at all. Just sit naked on the sofa, eat your bon-bons, and hope for the best. Ok of course that’s not a good idea (except maybe once or twice a month). Actually what you can do is try to be more aware of the clothes you are putting on when you know you will be particularly active – LOOSE clothing, for example, preferably cotton and breathable, Avoid rayon, nylon, and polyester. Try to clean and dry the waxed area(s) as soon as you are finished with your activity. You CAN try cleaning and patting dry your bikini area during your run, your gardening,or your dance routine, though funny stares may ensue.


At any rate, certain things can’t be avoided in the summertime. Just continue to be diligent in your exfoliating routine and amp it up if you need to.


Exfoliating reminder (waxing is NOT enough, ladies, you HAVE to do your at-home maintenance):

1)Daily, leave-on, BHA (aka salicylic acid) – keeps pores cleaned out.

2) Twice-a-week scrub in the shower – keeps surface dead skin cells away.

So sweat away!

…and stay tuned for your upcoming May newsletter with some exciting announcements!


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