Just wanted to send a quick note about parking. With our busy season starting to be in full bloom (pun intended) here at the Shop, and with our funky little neighborhood of Person Street getting more and more popular, this means we’re seeing lots and lots of people who all need a place to park. And we have only been given two of these most precious spots. Our appointments are in fifteen/twenty/thirty minute intervals so normally this doesn’t pose a problem as clients are in and out and appointments are staggered.

 However, when things aren’t running like clockwork here are some suggestions for your parking woes:

 1) Hold back a few minutes and wait for someone to leave.

 2) You are welcome to park anywhere on Person Street or surrounding side streets. They’re free! Also, Retro Fitness has parking for 3 bucks. Make a day of it and explore our wonderful neighborhood!

 3) After 1pm on Fridays you can park at the Draperies store next to the Wax Shop. After 5pm and on weekends you can park anywhere along our little row of stores unless you see a sign indicating otherwise.

*And remember to add a little extra travel time for parking during peak season and lunch and dinner rushes from the surrounding bars/restaurants.

 And as we ask for your patience and flexibility, we also return the favor by understanding that life happens, some things are beyond our control, and we will do our darnedest to accommodate.

 Thank you all, so much, for your trust and support of our little shop of wax :)

Molly, Carly, and Arianna

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