November greetings and Birthday deals!

Happy November! Seriously, though, what happened to October? It’s all been a gigantic blur of red, gold, and green culminating into one very large pile of assorted candies. Should I chunk it all in the garbage? Nah, I just don’t have the heart. Besides, a Reese’s cup goes nicely with my morning coffee…

But here we are, winding down another year. Speaking of another year, November is awesome because it’s the month I add a new year! Wait, why am I happy about this? Is it because I am one year closer to an AARP membership? No! It’s because I’m feeling pretty thankful to have spent another year with my family, and another year exploring my paths down the adventurous road we call life. I am also thankful for you. I have been blessed with amazing clients and you have put your trust in me for a service which, let’s face it, varies from mildly unpleasant to downright excruciating. So as a thank you, in addition to the Frequent Waxer Cards, I am introducing the Birthday Discount. What? I don’t have to wait for AARP? No, you don’t! During your birthday month, you can get more than just hair removed – take 10% off the price of any one waxing treatment for the month. Happy Birthday!
Well, that does it for me. But remember: times a’ tickin’ to get your appointments in before Turkey Day. When EVERYONE will see you. Wink wink *brows* wink wink.
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