Introducing Shea Butter!

In the hot hot months of summer, our body sweats  - yes, duh, but did you also know that with this sweat, you can lose essential oils that are vital in keeping your skin supple and hydrated? Yes! And that’s where shea butter comes in. Not a petrolatum product which can clog your pores but a gentle, organic body butter which can create kind of a “top coat” of skincare keeping your natural oils in your skin while still getting rid of the bad stuff.

You know about Urban City Organics Sugar Scrub and Medicated Tea Tree Pads as the recommended maintenance protocol at the shop, but now we’ve added the delightful Shea Butter I mentioned. This is the final step in your three step process: exfoliate (sugar scrub), close the pores (astringent), moisturize (shea butter). Not only is it incredibly hydrating, but it aids in healing and firming the skin. And best of all, there are no weird chemicals, no parabens, no icky stuff. Only good-for-you, skin-loving, organics.

Enjoy your beautiful skin!



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