February Newsletter (apologies, January)

Wait a minute, what just happened? Was that winter? Where? Which way did it go? Oh, well, it’s gone. And as far as I can tell,  spring is afoot. At least that’s what the old groundhog said, so I’m going with that. Which means….

Spring break! So for all you guys and gals out there who need to get primped and preened for your school-break frolicking, make your waxing appointments soon since the spaces are going fast. There’s a lot of hair out there!
And for those of us who no longer get a mandatory vacation, well, you still should probably come in and get yourself groomed. After all, with fewer clothes you wear, out comes the unsightly hair. Hmm, too bad Dr. Seuss didn’t write a book about waxing – he could have used that! 
Also, I FINALLY have more Redness Relief in the Shop. And good news! Very soon I will start carrying all natural sea salts and oils for your bi-weekly shower exfoliating. Just think of me as your one-stop-wax-shop :)
Two reminders: 
1) Get an extra stamp on your Frequent Waxer Card for referrals – and thank you!
2) Now that I’m busier (thank you, again),  I may not (will most likely not) be able to take your direct phone call, so scheduling online is the best way to make an appointment. Remember, though, unless there is a combo package for your services, you must make each appointment separately.
As always, I thank you for your continued support of my small business and your community. You are awesome.
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