December Newsletter: Fondnesses and Farewells

When I opened Molly’s Wax Shop nearly five years ago, I had no idea the popularity that would ensue. So three years after working alone, I hired Arianna and Carly. I was terrified of being a boss, but I knew I needed help. And shortly afterwards, I was no longer terrified. These gals have made my job so easy. They have treated the shop as if it were their own, and clients as friends. They have helped to grow my business exponentially. So much so, that I really don’t see it just as my business anymore, but their’s as well. In fact, I refer to them as my co-workers, rather than employees. They are also, my friends.

Arianna and Carly are, without question, the bee’s knees.

And so I’m terribly blue to see one of them leaving. In January of next year, Carly Verret will be heading back to the place she calls home: New Orleans. She has an amazing opportunity for a brand new adventure: her own business (!), and her friends and family eagerly await her arrival. And though we are incredibly happy for and supportive of her new path, she will be greatly missed.

And to Carly’s clients: both myself and Arianna will make every effort to accommodate your needs and schedule, and are happy to do so. We look forward to meeting you! And we ask for your patience over the next couple of months or however long it takes to make absolutely certain that we find the right person for you and the Shop. We can’t replace Carly, but at least she left a shining template :) Also, Carly’s last day will be January 14th. Make your appointments with her now if you haven’t done so already.

Carly, thank you for your hard work, treating both myself and my business with respect, your passion and knowledge of skincare, your patience and even teaching me a few things along the way. Thank you for picking up where I couldn’t. Thank you for building a sense of trust with me and clients. I wish you all the best. And I look forward to seeing you on Mardi Gras.. I love ya, sistah

On a lighter note, it will be a balmy 60-ish degrees here soon in the Triangle. Break out the flip-flops and do a happy dance!

I hope the best and happiest of holidays for everyone. Be thankful, be joyous, love and be loved. Be kind to each other. Peace.


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