Loyalty Rewards!

Frequent waxing? Well, you deserve a reward…LOYALTY REWARDS! Because although new clients are great, the fact that you keep coming back for your monthly dose of torture is what keeps our little shop stay afloat. And you should be appreciated for that.

So starting in January, every tenth service is FREE! We’ll make sure you have a receipt sent to you (and we’ll remind you, too) through the Square Register at check-out, and you’ll rack up the points. When the time comes for your tenth appointment you’ll get a special code in your inbox. Let us know the code, and your service is on us. But if you forget to bring the code that’s okay because we can certainly look it up for you!

And please understand there will be a learning curve for us here at the Shop while we get used to how this will work out, so please do not hesitate to ask questions, share concerns, or provide feedback.

As usual, thank you all so much for your continued trust and patronage of our little shop of wax.

You gals rock.

Molly, Arianna, and Carly

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